RRD Airventure SUP
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RRD Airventure Stand Up Paddle Board



RRD Airventure Stand Up Paddle Board

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RRD Airventure Stand Up Paddle Board, the perfect board to put in your car and and go on an adventure trip. Take it on a river, lake or anywhere you want to go and discover unknown, unreachable spots. Perfect for fishing or going on a camping trip with your family or friends. The 36” wide outline provides extra stability and comfort; equipped with tail and nose cargo eyelets to secure your travel gear and cruise anywhere you want. Discover the Airventure!

Aereosol HTPD® Fabrics.  Made with the latest Hi Tenacity PVC Dropstitch fabrics where the fabric filaments between the two PVC layers surfaces are assembled to the PVC itself by an “Aereosol” technology, offering the best bond between the fabric filaments and the PVC surface layers; this secures a high stress durability over a long time frame. These special Aereosol HTPD® fabrics are the only fabrics that have been tested to be able to withstand up to 3 bar inflation pressure and can be normally used with an average of 1.5 bar inflating pressure at all times. Higher pressure means stiffer boards, that can hold their original shape at all times, thus preventing shape deformation, and thereby delivering better performance in all conditions.

12’0”x  36”x6” 366 x 91 x15

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