RRD Inflatable Air Tourer Sup


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RRD Inflatable Air Tourer Sup

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The missing size in our flat water range of inflatable boards.

These sizes allow for a super easy access to flat water, and enjoy the first steps for anyone who want to experience the first paddle strokes on a Sup
board. On a further extent the board keeps being a very enjoyable, fast touring board that will surprise anyone on how fast it accelerates and keeps moving
forward. The perfect blend of accessibility and performance. A must for flat water paddlers. The Airtourer is made on the lightstripe technology, lightweigh construction combining a single layer dropstitch fabric with a 20 cm wide center stripe of marine grade PVC 900 grs/sqmts fabric to keep the scooprocker original shape.

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12′ x 34”x 6” x 366x85x15