RRD Juice Wake Style kiteboard twintip

RRD Juice Wake Style kiteboard twintip




RRD Juice Wake Style kiteboard twintip

(test board with radpad)

It’s the latest wakestyle board developed for Jerri Van De Kop, our newly signed dutch wakestyle kite boardrider.
Jerrie loves riding bindings and loves landing tricks at 40 Mph. If you eat it at that speed there is very little hope for your ankles and knees to still being usable for walking. So your board becomes your life saver. Solid, perfectly trimmed so it is not too slow yet not too straight to be dangerous, the Juice V2 is simply JUST RIGHT.

It comes with a 55 cms long totally dead flat outline section on the middle of the board, to increase upwind potential, and a deep channelled hull to lower fin size but keep a mega grip on the water. The new stick to throw pretty much anything you have in mind.

RRD Juice Wake Style kitesurfboard twintip test

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135×40,5, 138×42, 143×43,5


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